Michael J. FitzGerald III, Senior Geologist and Operations Specialist:

Mr. FitzGerald has held technical, financial and managerial positions with a number of E&P companies operating in the US and abroad, most recently with Buccaneer Energy where he served as the Chief Geologist and head of the G&G department. In this role he was responsible for restructuring the department and shifting the focus of Buccaneer toward higher return lower risk properties.  

 Mr. FitzGerald brings together the geologists, geophysicists, consultants and vendors to pool knowledge and disseminate information timely and efficiently. Improving the decision making process, enabling high quality technical work and expediting the decisions on the appropriate course of action. Mr. FitzGerald brings over 30 years of management experience in exploration, development and operational personnel. He has worked on E&P projects for over 42 years in over 40 countries. Including Executive Vice President – Exploration and Development for Toreador Resources where he was responsible for teams in the US, France, Turkey, Romania and Hungary while being responsible for significant discoveries in the US and overseas.

Edward Ramirez, Chief Geophysicist and Explorations Specialist:

 As such, he directs and manages the geophysical exploration activities using experience gained by working and discovering oil and gas all over the world. 

 Mr. Ramirez manages the company’s exploration program by directing the seismic evaluation and interpretation of the geological structural picture on all company permits and licenses. He manages and supervises the company geophysicists, consultants and geo-techs as well as directs the team’s seismic interpretation and prospect generation. He works with the geological team to integrate the geophysical analysis with the geological studies to provide management with an integrated geophysical/geological interpretation of company projects. 

 Mr. Ramirez advises management on the geophysical merits of domestic and foreign exploration ventures and directs the geophysical team’s efforts in seismic processing, acquisition and interpretation for both wellbore and surface seismic. 

 Mr. Ramirez has over 40 years of industry experience. Including working with Mobil, Triton, Schlumberger and Madison Oil Company/Toreador Resources Corp. Active in France, Turkey, Romania and Hungary, Mr. Ramirez, as Sr. VP Technical Exploration and Development, directed the G&G efforts that resulted in the first commercial production offshore Turkey with the discovery of the Ayazli Gas Field in the South Akcakoca Sub-Basin of the Black Sea.